We are a highly specialised Criminal law firm that works exclusively in the following

All Criminal offences

We appear in all criminal charges regardless of how minor or serious the offence may be.  Our lawyers deal with more than 1000 criminal cases per year from minor stealing and assault charges right up to serious sexual and murder charges.

All Traffic offences & licensing matters

We represent clients who have either been arrested by the police, issued with a traffic ticket or are appealing a licence suspension or disqualification.  Jason Evitts and James Caldicott specialise in these matters and receive outstanding results.

Asset Confiscation

This is a highly specialised area of law that requires a thorough knowledge of the unique and technical laws that apply and a sound knowledge of both the criminal and civil law.  Casey Isaacs is the most preeminent lawyers in this field of law in South Australia.

Serious Motor Vehicle Accidents

We appear for people charged with criminal and traffic offences arising out of serious motor vehicle accidents and for victims who sustain serious injuries.  Jason Evitts has specialist experience in both the motor vehicle law and personal injury law.