We regularly appear in every Magistrates and District Court in South Australia representing clients either at trial before a Magistrate or jury or at their sentence hearing.

We also have a very successful criminal appeal practice that involves us appearing in the Supreme Court of South Australia and the High Court in Canberra. 

We have successfully won appeals to the High Court that has changed the criminal law in Australia.  These famous cases include Polyukovich v The Commonwealth [1991] HCA 32 (one of Australia’s largest war crimes case), Ridgeway v R [1995] HCA 66 (which dealt with the question of entrapment), South Australia v Totani [2010] HCA 39 (freedom of association for bikies), and Kamleh v The Queen [2005] HCA 2  (hearsay involving a co-accused).

We have appeared in over 50 murder trials in the Supreme Court of South Australia and regularly appear for people who have been served with a notice to appear before the Coroners Court as a witness.  Craig Caldicott has appeared in many of these murder trials as the trial advocate and won the trial.  

The benefits to you

  • Legal costs are often saved because an experienced in-house lawyer can deal with the matter from start to finish without using a barrister.
  • Our lawyers have extensive experience appearing before Magistrate and Judges and have developed a professional working relationship with them.  They will know the best way to present your case before the Magistrate or Judge.